We asked some of the girls at Goodhood to pick out what beauty and grooming products are currently front and centre of their daily lives. Scroll below to find out more.



Escentric Molecules shook the world of perfumery for all the right reasons when it was launched. Each pair of fragrances (01,02 etc.) has one base ingredient, with Ambroxan the star of the show in scent 02. All other elements in the bottle are designed to enhance it, and boy does it smell great. A unisex scent, one of the inspirations behind 02 was the smell when you open a new Apple Mac!


Uslu Airlines are a luxury cosmetic and nail polish brand from Germany. Each colour nail polish takes its abbreviated name from much loved along with obscure worldwide locations. Colour choice is up to you but black is best.


Family owned MCMC creates totally original scents, individually formulated by Anne McClain, who studied natural perfumery and aromatherapy before moving on to the Grasse Institute (renowned perfumery school in France known for its study of perfume/history/techniques of modern perfumery). The intense and spicy Love scent encompasses Japanese yuzu citrus, French sweet basil and Chinese magnolia oil against a backdrop of ancient templewood and gunpowder. Beautiful and totally unique.


Sachajuan are experts in hair care. Fact. Their unique Ocean Silk technology combined with UV protectants in this Intensive Repair Shampoo penetrate the hair follicle to provide maximum protection for damaged, porous or sun exposed hair (too much sunning this summer?). Designed to be used weekly, just massage into wet hair and rinse through.


Dr Jacksons utilise pharmacognosy (the study of medicines derived from natural sources) in the production of their cosmetics, as well as the incredible knowledge of ancient healers. Made from 100% coconut oil, this is ideal as an all over body balm as well as lip or cuticle oil. Its rehydrating, emollient and elasticizing properties counter the formation of wrinkles and strengthens hair too.