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With summer a distant memory we have put together three things to brighten up your Autumn. First up Anthony Antonellis contributor based credit card designs, pictured here is our mate Simon Whybray’s effort. Up next Andy Brown photographs the best-loved toys of the last two centuries. Lastly Floating Points has just got back from Brazil with a case full of records. He popped into NTS to play some of them, take a listen here.

For the last week in September we have a new release from Rezett on London label The Trilogy Tapes, a tour around Jake and Dinos Chapman’s studio and the opportunity to buy Kurt Cobain’s childhood home. See you in October.

Erik Brunetti’s FUCT made in Japan sub brand SSDD arrives at The Goodhood Store this Autumn.
We are excited. You should be too. Same Shit Different Day. Available online and in-store. Sign up to The Goodhood Store newsletter to be one of the first to know.

September 22nd, 2013

Good Vibes 26 (Mixed by Popla1000)

Long time Goodhood Store supporter Joshua Gordon has recently rebranded and relaunch the excellent art/design/fashion/photography blog FucknFilthy. The content is richer than ever and some of the articles and features are worth spending a whole afternoon reading though. Be sure to take a read this weekend. Now we are not going to pretend to know the first thing about Grime music. There seems to be a lot of it and keeping up with what is going on is a mammoth task unless you are committed to sitting on forums and Youtube. However Visionist’s Friday NTS show pointed us in the direction of the Sage E.P. out on Lost Codes today, it is really good, go check it out if your into grime or just good music. Lastly our friends at Protein are throwing their annual block party this Saturday, head down and show some love. There will be food, good people, music etc etc etc.

Tonight we launch the second drop from our own Goods by Goodhood collection. Head down to our London store at 6:30pm tonight to be one of the first to get your hands on the limited edition collection. Can’t make it to the store? the collection will be available online at 6:30pm.

This week we have a new track from Laura Groves out soon on DEEK Records, it is super dreamy and you will no doubt have it on repeat. Jason Madara takes great photos of mountains (who doesn’t love mountains?). A new film coming out called Escape From Tomorrow is getting a fair bit of coverage at the moment because it was shot without permission in Disney Land, you can read about it on The Guardian or click the link below for the trailer.