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Are you missing summer as much as we are? Well if you are and want to go back there for just a moment be sure to take a look at Deviation’s Croatia holiday snaps by Mehdi Lacoste. Also worth checking out is Vice’s guide to Things that should die before British culture can move forward and a track by D.D Dumbo… it is great.

This week’s Best Of The Week is a take over. We have invited our mate Russell Maurice (Gasius) to take us on a journey of what’s good online this week. From cosmic shit (above). New work from Daniel Sparks, Nigel Cooks work at Modern Art and Russell’s favourite album of the week (not new) Darkstar’s ‘News From Nowhere’. Also for all those people waiting, a brand new delivery of Gasius t-shirts should be available online and in-store next week.

New work from Daniel Sparkes

Nigel Cooke at Modern Art

We have no time to write a witty analysis of the weeks activities so here is a brief run down of whats happening around the web. First up Protein are hosting “Three Man Show” which features Michael Swaney, Stephen Smith and Tim Head. We have been streaming the new album by The Range all week thanks to Dazed Digital and Cool Hunting has gained access to the Hot Wheels Design Studio.

For our next Goods by Goodhood collaboration we have come togther with our northern friends at Universal Works to produce a very special, limited edition Windcheater Coat. Available exclusivly at The Goodhod Store this Thursday at 6:00pm online and in-store.

Neighborhood AW13 arrives at The Goodhood Store next week. The collection will now be available to purchase online as well as in-store. Which means worldwide fans of Neighborhood can pick up a piece of the action no matter where you are located. We will be receiving a healthy about of outerwear, shirts, t-shirts, accessories and special products. Sign up to the Goodhood newsletter or follow us on Instagram to be one of the first to know when the collection is available.

With summer a distant memory we have put together three things to brighten up your Autumn. First up Anthony Antonellis contributor based credit card designs, pictured here is our mate Simon Whybray’s effort. Up next Andy Brown photographs the best-loved toys of the last two centuries. Lastly Floating Points has just got back from Brazil with a case full of records. He popped into NTS to play some of them, take a listen here.

For the last week in September we have a new release from Rezett on London label The Trilogy Tapes, a tour around Jake and Dinos Chapman’s studio and the opportunity to buy Kurt Cobain’s childhood home. See you in October.