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We can’t get enough of these Arnold Schwarzenegger videos this week, as he dresses up as Terminator in L.A and cycles around London on a Boris bike. Alongside that on Best of the Week this week is artist Charlie Roberts for Soulland at LCM and cave diving in Sweden, with a nice bit of Klean Kanteen product placement.

After teasing the collaboration last week, Vans release imagery of their imminent joint collection with infamous Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. As well as utilising Murakami’s work across Vans silhouettes for men, women and kids, the collection will include limited edition decks and clothing. The collaboration will release on Saturday 27th June 2015 at 10.30am in-store and midday online.


It’s been a busy one this week but we’re not without some great material for Best of the Week; check out these incredible aerial photographs of some mesmerising landscapes, the ‘high priestess of punk’, Jordan, is auctioning a healthy chunk of original Seditionaries clothes and memorabilia (if you can outbid Hiroshi Fujiwara that is), and a little late to the party but amazing all the same, some rejected Saul Bass designs for The Shining, including notes by Stanley Kubrick. Enjoy.

Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy presents the lookbook for his upcoming AW15 collection. The collection is heavily inspired by the Paninero movement: a retro 80’s youth scene from Italy made of very brand-centred young people that would mix high-end pieces along with their more casual street wear style. Another key inspiration is The Nazbol (National Bolchevik) movement: a Russian underground/illegal political party created in the 90s by writer and politician Edward Limonov, born out of an identity movement at the end of the USSR. Their followers were known for their provocative demonstrations, borderline extremist views and macho football fan culture. Expect key pieces from the collection (including the incredible patchwork jacket) to arrive at Goodhood in the coming months.



June 8th, 2015

Vans x Takashi Murakami

Vans Vault announce their latest collaboration, joining forces with renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Famed for his vibrant paintings and sculptures, Murakami’s artwork exists almost in a surreal world of it’s own. The Vans Vault x Murakami collection pack will arrive at Goodhood for men, women and kids towards the end of June.

“For the past 10-plus years, without exaggeration, I have been wearing Vans Slip-Ons almost every single day. For me, there are no other shoes that are so comfortably wearable that let me focus on producing my artwork. I also feel extremely strong empathy for Vans’ brand concept and creative stance.” – Takashi Murakami

This week we’ve got Danila Tkachenko’s surreal and eery images of Russia’s forgotten future, a year on from featuring them first time around, Manchester’s DR ME studio look back on their 365 days of collage project, and Nadia Bedzhanova’s short film ‘Wasteland’ spotlights the teens of Moscow, New York and Paris and the things that connect them – Gosha Rubchinskiy and their iPhones. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Whilst performing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich, two piece British punk band Slaves performed a cover of Skepta’s single ‘Shutdown’, with the man of the moment making a cameo appearance too. Check it out above…punk and grime are suprisingly similar when mixed together.

Roundel present their AW15 collection, shot by London based photographer Alec McLeish. Continuing the brands ethos of chanelling the best of British subcultures past and present along with iconic London Underground graphics and visuals, expect key pieces from Roundel’s AW15 collection to arrive at Goodhood later this year.