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Kim Hiorthøy is a Norwegian musician, illustrator and graphic designer. His last record was with the group project Drivan on Smalltown Supersound and has worked on many record sleeves for Norwegian record label Rune Grammofon (below). Here Kim mixes exclusively for The Goodhood Store and we think you will agree when we say it is very, very special.

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Smalltown Superson
– Rune Grammofon 

This week we take a look back, ignoring the current for 5 minutes and celebrating the past. First up is a great collection of photographs of the London Underground by photographer Bob Mazzer. Then we take a trip to ’86 and to how people cut shapes to house music, and finally to 1996 with Aphex Twin giving the interview of a life time to MTV’s Simone Angel, the interview is packed full of great lines and a few minutes of live footage.

Here are three great things to check out with the blinds closed, fans on and feet in the freezer on this blisteringly hot Friday. First up is Fredrik Åkum’s hazy summer portfolio, beautifully abstract and achingly original, we love these. A few weeks back the world witnessed a ‘Supermoon’… didn’t catch it? Boston Big Picture did and you can check out the spectacular results here. Lastly who said vinyl was dead..? no one for the past few years actually and Record Store Day is testament to that, check out this short doc on one of Britain’s most important and exciting music focused day.

As part of the Goodhood Store’s AW13 selection we see the Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Vision Street Wear collaborative product arrive on the women’s floor. The cult skate brand holds a very special place in our hearts here at the store and we can’t wait to make it available to Goodhood Girls the world over. The collection will be arriving early September 2013. Just for fun we have pulled out some classic Vision Street Wear ads and imagery from the archives, check them out below.

Short and sweet Best of the Week today, First up is the excellent video for British lads Mount Kimbie, a seriously good remix by one of the most over-looked artists in the electronic biz Bibio and our pal Gary Warnett shares some great photos and info on The Guardian Angels. P.S. the new Sampha e.p. dues out on Young Turks is excellent!

We know there are quite a few Goodhood Girls that have been waiting very patiently for this one, so it is with much excitement that we introduce the incredible Lonely lingerie line to the Goodhood ranks. Birthed in 2009 by New Zealand-based creative couple Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson as a direct response to the pairs long-time fascination and appreciation for vintage corsetry and underwear. Lonely has quickly risen to be one of the most beautiful and refreshing lingerie labels on the radar.

Our first delivery from the brands current Chloe collection is comprised of supremely comfortable floral lace soft cup, longline and cut out bras. We have also received exquisite bikini style single layer floral lace triangle briefs all in classic black, charcoal grey, bright blue and soft mint colourways. Shop the full selection here and see more from the look book by clicking “Read More”.

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Good Vibes 23 comes from London based folk group Stick In The Wheel. This short and sweet mix will be a fresh 20mins of listening for most. Compiling a varied selection of alternative folk the tracks were selected by Stick In The Wheel and mixed EAN (who plays guitar in the band) Anyone who has done their digging will know Stick In The Wheel were once part of the excellent, mysterious London electronic group Various Productions. Good Vibes 23 is a must listen!

Best Of The Week comes a day early because we couldn’t wait any longer to show you the good stuff. First up is a visit to Geoff McFetridge’s studio from It’s Nice Thats new issue of Printed Pages. Some ace photos of bikers in the 60’s (via FnF) and Ninja Tune treat us to a scan of great 90’s Jungle and Hardcore tapes. P.S Ninja Tune have a great Tumblr.