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I feel the need to apologies for the amount of music based content that comes through Best Of The Week but truth is that some of the best things that go on happen to be music related… so here we go. First up the ever excellent John Malkovich absolutely nails Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on Russian TV. Mysterious producer Zomby teases us with a short film about his hugely anticipated new album and lastly FTSE is the latest bedroom producer to steal my airwaves for 3 days straight a must listen.

If you were in high school during the mid 90’s/really early 00’s in a town outside of the big smoke where UK Garage music seemed to have little playground presence (Im looking at you Manchester, Leeds, York, Preston, Wolverhampton, Tunbridge Wells, Frome, Exeter) there was a chance you were a Fat Wreck Chords fan (NOFX, No Use For A Name, Lagwagon, Mad Caddies etc etc.) I would also put money on you still holding these times/tracks close to your heart. One chap going by the name of Kye Smith clearly still has a bit of a soft spot for the West Coast label… so much so he has recorded a video of himself drumming every Fat Wreck Cords drum medley… impressive. Watch it above.

Fat Wreck Chords 
(this website has not changed it’s design since you were in high school)

May 26th, 2013

Singapore Secret Mission

Our buying this season has taken us to some far flung places. We recently landed in Singapore to visit Blueprint to find out what the gateway to Asia had up it’s sleeve. We all hear a lot about Asia’s buoyancy as a market, and it’s ability to manufacture goods, we were interested to see how Southern Asia’s products compared to the holly grail that is Japan.

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This week in London has been a particular grim one so here are a few joys to brighten things up a little. Firstly I came across Deafheaven, they are a ridiculously good metal band from San Francisco causing a bit of a stir on the interblogs. I like it because it sounds like Underoath mixed with Explosions In The Sky. Nothing revolutionary, just really hard, in your face noise and I highly recommend it. Secondly there is a film coming out all about the Stone Roses gig at Spike Island in the 90’s. You know we love the Stone Roses here and the film looks like a bit of fun. Lastly top Manchester comedian Liam Gallagher claimed he could write Daft Punk’s ‘Get Luck’ “In a f**king hour”.. bless you Liam.

The weather in London is exceptionally depressing at the moment so head down to The Goodhood Store this Thursday 23rd May for a spot of late night retail therapy and a booze up on us ’til 8pm.

This week’s roundup comes from outer space, prison gangs and some good London folk music. Upworthy pointed me in the direction of some strange things that are happening to Astronauts upon returning to earth. Also a collection of Californian prison polaroids have just been put on sale for a staggering $45,000 and FACT have done a sweet roundup of Bandcamp releases so you don’t have to, one of which comes from Various Productions Ian Carter’s curve ball folk release “Stick In The Wheel” it is ace!

May 17th, 2013

Marfa Journal Coming Soon

Marfa Journal # 1 is a new printed publication based in London, inspired by Marfa, TX and made by artists for artists. Launching in June 2013, Marfa Journal combines an enticing mix of laid-back American Road Trip vibe with contemporary high-end Fashion and Art. Marfa Journal is very current, though respects the past and continues to look forward. Limited copies available at The Goodhood Store very soon!

One Goodhood Store team member is away on a top secret mission on the other side of the globe this week. Little has been mentioned about this voyage and communication has been sparse and often broken, the only report we have received back in London has been this special mission table top and cryptic black and white photograph. Follow The Goodhood Store on Instagram for more info..if any.