• Hasami Porcelain Restock

    Restocked: Hasami Porcelain
    Japanese ceramicists Hasami Porcelain grace us with a restock on a large chunk of their beautiful earthy homewares.
  • Introducing Fog Linen

    Introducing: Fog Linen
    Fog Linen produce a selection of simple, well designed lifestyle goods made from, you guessed it...linen.
  • Introducing Mark's Inc.

    Introducing: Mark's Inc.
    Mark's Inc. are a Japanese label producing stationery rooted in the countrys manufacturing traditions but with one eye on the fu...
  • Matagalan Restock

    Restocked: Matagalan
    Barcelona based Matagalan produce beautiful hand-made terracotta vases and plant pots in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • New Zines

    New In Store: Zines
    We take stock of a number of limited edition zines from a selection of artists, including; Ed Fella, Rizot, Eddie Ruscha, Patric...
  • Introducing Tools To Live By

    Introducing: Tools To Live By
    Taiwan based Tools To Live By are inspired by iconic designers including Charles Eames, producing stationery that is beautifully...
  • Our Neighbourhood

    Insider : Our Neighbourhood
    Insider Our neighboUrhood A personal guide. EATING & DRINKING East London is our home and it is where we live, work and play. We've pulled together a whole heap of recommendations right across the board, so if you're visiting London for a short stay or you're after new things to discover then di...
  • Natural Minimalism

    Product Focus : Natural Minimalism
    Minimalism in a Scandinavian sense is often thought of as clean white walls, smooth concrete and polished marble, but Wood plays just as big a part. You can happen upon log cabins made entirely from beech wood hidden away in the forests of Norway, but you can also find a wide range of homewares util...
  • New Kitchen Items

    Product Focus : New Kitchen Items
    The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home; a place for people to come together and unwind after a long day at work or play. We've added several new brands to the Life Store roster this season that specialise in making the most out of this most communal of spaces. Discover natural wooden serving platt...
  • Introducing New Brands at the Life Store

    Introducing : New Brands at the Life Store
    As the Life Store expands and grows, each new addition is carefully chosen to seamlessly fit into our curated offer, whilst also bringing something new and unique into the mix. From traditional Japanese porcelain kitchenware from Hasami to classically minimal scandinavian homewares from Skagerak, th...