Wind And Willow

Wind and Willow Home was created in 2012 by American interior designer Araya Jensen. We take stock of the fantastic 'Dipped' line of housewares, designed and crafted by Araya herself. The Dipped range includes neon dipped bowls available in three different sizes, perfect for salads, fruits, salt, oil and spices as well as hand dipped wooden spoons for all your cooking needs.

"I begin with beautifully turned bowls and carved spoons, slowly hand dipping each in a synthetic rubber that I custom mix. The beauty is in the uniqueness of the natural wood grain and the reaction between that wood and the rubber creating bubble patterns as it reacts to the process, ensuring each item is completely special." Shop the collection below.

  • Wind And Willow 7" Bowl Beech - Apple

    Wind And Willow 7" Bowl Beech - Apple £31.00 7"