London, UK

Gasius is made from influences (in no specific order): Ancient crumbley lost civilization covered in plants, 70's logo types, Early 80's Comics(Dr Strange, Master of Kung Fu, Green Lantern etc), Gasface reincarnated,Mid 90's Skate; Think Skateboards (when Mike Giant did it), Mad Circle when Twist did it).

Space cakes, Early Disney (before it became McDisbucks). Japanese Silver Pentels. 2cBizzle's, Early 80's Lotus Esprit(like James Bond one), Raygunomics, Goodhood, Doomsday, BluePort, TCA,Magics & Sugarcubes, Rave (first time round)(when happy mondays played next to LFO). Those first 10 Hand painted tees that started it all (93yall). Researching Pizza!


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