Aries, created by dream-team duo Sofia Maria Prantera and Fergus Purcell is a label we at the Goodhood Store have been fans of since their inception. Being the first to stock the brand by graphic designer de rigeur Fergus and Sofia, pioneer of the 90’s cult streetwear label Silas, they have remained a Goodhood favourite. The clash and unique blending of subcultures is the quintessence of Aries and with influences stemming from their own idiosyncratic styles and underground reference points, Aries sits in the sweet spot between streetwear and high fashion. Goodhood is informed by the tension between our trend-focused present and anti-fashion past youth cultures, which is exactly what Aries’ transcendent collections embody.

We are extremely excited to reveal our collaboration with this special brand is coming very soon to the store. With limited numbers available, the exclusive collection features the Aries X Goodhood White Denim Trousers and Skirt with hand-embroidered detailing and a custom metallic chain Goodhood Logo and two Graphic-Printed T-shirts. With every item individually handmade, the four-piece collection is informed by contemporary graphic monograms and symbols, and captures the sense of vitality, chaos and DIY attitude of our communal pasts. Shop the collection below.