Margate, UK

Haeckels is a natural fragrance and skin care brand based in Margate, Kent. All of their products are created out of love; a love of natural ingredients, design and quality but even more so for the heritage of coastal living. All products are hand crafted in their cliff-top laboratory in Margate and are tested on themselves. 

Haeckels holds one of only two licenses in the whole of England to harvest seaweed from the English coastline and they take great pride in the conservation and preservation of it. Hand harvested seaweed forms the basis of their entire skin care range and is based on the tradition of 'Thalassotherapy'. These treatments use ocean water, seaweed, ocean mud and marine minerals to help heal and repair the body. 

  • Traditional Seaweed Bath - 500g

    HaeckelsTraditional Seaweed Bath - 500g$23.22500g

  • Seaweed / Buckthorn Body Cleanser - 350ml

    HaeckelsSeaweed / Buckthorn Body Cleanser - 350ml$43.86350ml

  • Seaweed / Fennel Hand Cleanser - 250ml

    HaeckelsSeaweed / Fennel Hand Cleanser - 250ml$30.96250ml

  • Sailors Beard Oil - 50ml

    HaeckelsSailors Beard Oil - 50ml$43.8650ml

  • Seaweed / Sea Lavender Lip Balm - 15ml

    HaeckelsSeaweed / Sea Lavender Lip Balm - 15ml$19.3515ml

  • Exfoliating Seaweed Soap Block - 300g

    HaeckelsExfoliating Seaweed Soap Block - 300g$23.22300g

  • Exfoliating Seaweed Soap Bar - 75g

    HaeckelsExfoliating Seaweed Soap Bar - 75g$5.1675g

  • Caffeine Free Seaweed Tea - 49g

    HaeckelsCaffeine Free Seaweed Tea - 49g$29.6749g