Meraki make lifestyle and skincare products that are designed and developed in Denmark. With a motto of ‘Soul, Creativity, and Love’, their products are made in a creative environment, inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, and with a love for Nature’s treasury. 

Using the best quality materials and ingredients, carefully selected for their qualities, documented effect, and natural fragrances, skincare products are gentle, active and nourishing. They’re a company based on simple, clean principles and proudly do not use parabens, colourants, endocrine disrupting substances, or SLS in their range.

  • Pumice Stone - Black

    MerakiPumice Stone - Black$7.74One Size

  • Comb 10cm - Bamboo Wood

    MerakiComb 10cm - Bamboo Wood$7.7410cm

  • Comb 12cm - Bamboo Wood

    MerakiComb 12cm - Bamboo Wood$7.7412cm

  • Nail Brush - Maple Wood

    MerakiNail Brush - Maple Wood$10.3210cm

  • Body Brush - Maple Wood

    MerakiBody Brush - Maple Wood$24.5120cm

  • Konjac Sponge - Bamboo Charcoal

    MerakiKonjac Sponge - Bamboo Charcoal$6.459x6.5cm

  • Hand Soap - Mangosteen

    MerakiHand Soap - Mangosteen$10.32100g

  • Hand Soap - Bamboo Charcoal

    MerakiHand Soap - Bamboo Charcoal$10.32100g

  • Hand Soap - Sesame Scrub

    MerakiHand Soap - Sesame Scrub$10.32100g

  • Hand Soap - Green Seaweed

    MerakiHand Soap - Green Seaweed$10.32100g

  • Hand Soap - Lemongrass

    MerakiHand Soap - Lemongrass$10.32100g