Room 1015

Paris, France

Room 1015 is a fragrance label founded by perfumer & musician Michael Partouche. The name itself is inspired by Los Angeles Hyatt Hotel's Room 1015 in the 1970s. It was well known for being the most trashed room by bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Who. Partouche began his career as a doctor of lotions and potions, but this soon became a prison of eternal boredom for the apothecary with crow black hair and inked skin with tattoos of rebellion. 

He fleed the discipline of the pharmacy and flung himself head on into the hypnotic rhythmns, piercing melodies and tortuous solos of Psychedelic Rock music; music that expands the fields of consciousness. Dr. Mike moved to London for five years, learning the music trade on tour and on stage. Upon returning to France, he decided to combine his two passions. His powerful scented potions are inspired by radical rock aesthetics; the aura of celebrities and the flashes and spotlights on a stage. 


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