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Essential Items - Track Pants

The first pair of track pants were produced in France in 1920. Grey, jersey trousers that were designed to enhance movement and comfort during exercise, the aim here was functionality, not design. Now; almost a century later, the track pant is a go-to style amongst athletes and artists alike, with many iterations and ways to wear. Whether casual, cosy, fitted or formal, the possibilities are seemingly endless. We take a look at some of these styles and offer up some selected wares to help you narrow down your choices.



Helmed by brands such as Nepenthes' Needles and Stockholm-based Our Legacy, the track pant has undergone a contemporary twist in recent times, with a slimmer, more fitted leg and a length tailored to be worn with smart shoes and boots. A modern approach to the tried and tested track pant, this style of the trouser looks like it's here to stay.