Mr. Black Garment Essentials

Mr Black was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2011, when denim lover Ash Black wanted to create a credible alternative to putting your jeans in the wash. He invested months investigating the possibilites of creating a product free from harsh enzymes and stain removers yet still produce 'clean' denim. Working with some of Australia's leading textile technologists, he developed a formulation with the active ingredient Forestall; a 100% biodegradable compound that disperses dirt and neutralises odours when vapourised.

The first response to Mr. Black's was overwhelmingly positive. Word of mouth excelled its popularity in Melbourne and full scale production began. Mr. Black's expanded into the sneaker world as well as developing care products for a range of fabrics including cashmere, satin and hi-tech sportswear. The range now houses all you need to treat, clean and maintain your favourite fabrics and sneakers.