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Goodhood x BEAMS T x Face x Shinknownsuke


We team up once again with BEAMS T for ‘Loundon’, a four-way collaboration with the brand and two of Japan’s most exciting illustrators, Face and Shinknownsuke. We’re launching a limited run of apparel, accessories and more, that celebrates our hometown and combines the duo’s own inimitable graphic styles.


"Having reservations about recent "lack of uniqueness" of CG arts caused by mass production, I started to draw freehand illustrations which none but I can draw.
Besides offering illustrations for magazines, I am engaged in much works collaborating with various media.
Especially I have more involvement with fashion brands.  I offer illustrations regularly to the projects by NIGO®, being in charge of graphic design of his brand HUMAN MADE®.
Recently I am expanding my activities to outside Japan, such as offering illustrations to SNEEZE MAGAZINE and collaborating with Avi Gold and his brand Better."
- Face Oka


"Not only he does graphic design of magazines, web and apparel clothing but he designs products which are sold at multiple select shops inside and outside of the countries.
He is planning to having an exhibition of his art overseas.
He’s not even sure what is his real job."
- Shinknownsuke

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