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Woman-lead Technical Apparel from ARCS RTW


ARCS was born with the desire to create slow-made accessories that champion functionality while having minimal impact on the planet. Venturing into a new era with their new collection of RTW (Ready To Wear) apparel, ARCS redefines considered design, marrying function with fashion, creating pieces focused on technical innovation, function, and quality fabrics. To celebrate the launch of ARCS RTW at Goodhood, we created a style guide on how best to wear it, and we sat down and caught up with ARCS head honcho Alice Carvill. We talk about the transition from accessories to clothing, obsessing over the small details, desert island discs, East London hang-out spots. Check it out below.

MODEL WEARS ARCS TWICE GiletBeams Boy Long Sleeve Thermal PulloverARCS CLUB Cross BodyARCS HOPE Skirt, Paraboot Michael


GOODHOOD: ARCS Ready To Wear is about to have its first season. How has the transition from accessories, to both clothing and accessories been?

ALICE CARVILL: As I continued to build out the lookbooks for ARCS each season I was getting more and more frustrated piecing together outfits from other people’s visions and not really creating what I wanted to see. Just like building the initial accessories range down to frustration of not finding bags that reflected my own and my friends' lifestyles the clothing seemed a natural progression of the first inspirations for our bags was wearing an accessory which felt more like a garment rather than a traditional bag, now I want to build the outfit up around that.

GH: Why a womenswear line, and why now?

AC: The line is actually mainly unisex, which was always going to the case - just like with the bags range I want the offering to be as universal as possible. Being a female I realise every garment has to be treated individually- not everything can be unisex and be a good fit. The range is unisex in garments which don’t need to be specifically tailored to a gender, but as fit is one of my biggest priorities, the collection is conscientious to fit the respective gender. Why now? I’m annoying and obsessive, I finally feel like the bags range has evolved and got to a stage I’m really happy with, now I need something else to waste all my time obsessing over.

GH: What is the inspiration behind this collection?

AC: I have always been really interested in uniform, not just work uniform but observing what myself and people around me wear as a routine and how this functionally performs in their lives. The first collection is a capsule exploring a person’s uniform wardrobe pieces and interpreting them in new fits, new fabrications and new trims.

GH: Much like your bags, the ARCS RTW line hones in on functionality, durability and technical detailing. Why is this important to you?

AC: I think it’s a mixture. I studied menswear at university and my tutor was a massive Stoney and CP company obsessive, he really focused on the technical side of clothing and it resonated with me. Focusing on bags after university was an education, you can literally obsess over a detail, a fabric or a trim for as long as you possibly want. Extending this feeling to clothing is a big part of the RTW identity.

GH: Favourite piece, and why?

AC: I have been wearing the Easy Mac to death. As a first collection, nailing the fits was my main focus and I honestly think it's the best fitting mac in the best fabrics.

GH: Can you talk us through your creative process?

AC: A lot of attention is paid to fabrics and trims in my process. These are always the starting point of each season- a lot of inspiration comes from finding new fabrics, I have a really close relationship with my mill and they show me new stuff all the time. Then I always go back to uniform, either looking at vintage uniform and detailing, or at pieces in my own wardrobe- why I wear them and how they could be reinterpreted and perfected.

MODEL WEARS ARCS CLOUD HatARCS TWICE GiletGirls Of Dust Gardener Smock TopARCS LAZY Cross BodyARCS HOPE SkirtParaboot Michael


GH: What does a normal work day in the life look like?

AC: Each day is so different. However every day I will wake up to about 50 Whatsapps from my suppliers who all work in different time zones, once I've fought that chaos my needy dog will be moaning at me for some reason so I try and work that out next. I'll have music on all day, usually mixes friends send me and some NTS shows. At the moment I'm organising SS24 production and starting to develop AW24; this morning i've been talking to my fabric mill finalising orders and trying to convince them to develop an idea i've got, designing new hardware for AW24 and organising a photoshoot for next week.

GH: South London is your home. What makes it special to you?

AC: Hahah, if you know me you know I could go on about this for ages. There are many reasons, but I guess a stand out is that there are loads of amazing creative people living and working here and it really feels like a community of mates, everyone wants to work together and have a beer after. And we have the best pubs.

GH: Favourite artwork you own, and why?

AC: I've got two for different reasons. I bought myself a John Booth print quite a few years ago, I’ve loved his work for so long and it’s very special to me, but my mate Patrick Schmidt hand drew a piece for me just after I moved into my current flat, it's a mushroom walking whilst whistling and means loads to me.

GH: Your top 3 best spots in East London?

AC: ALL KAPS slices on a Sunday, UNTITLED in Dalston has been my favourite cocktail bar for a real long time, and obviously Goodhood - especially Eddie on the door who my dog definitely prefers to me.

MODEL WEARS ARCS CLOUD HatARCS EASY MacGirls Of Dust Gardener TopARCS LAZY Cross Body, ARCS HOPE SkirtParaboot Michael


GH: If you could give any piece of advice to 18 year old self, what would it be?

AC: Things come at the right time for you in life.

GH: Everything you design for ARCS happens at home. How you maintain a work/life balance?

AC: Not well but trying to get better. I’ve also been working for another brand for the last four years whilst doing ARCS, so have been putting a lot of hours in hoping it will pay off. I’m on the train going back to Birmingham at the moment to see my very neglected Mum so i’m making big big steps.

GH: Who would be your dream collaborator?

AC: That’s a tough one, I have a lot of people in creative industries I am obsessed with and study, but I consider that a different thing - the best collaborations are always unexpected and where two totally individual things mix and create something truly new. I’m still waiting on the answer to this one!

GH: What makes you happy?

AC: When creative ideas work out and my dog is being well behaved.

GH: What’s your desert island disc?

AC: The pressure. Probably Music of My Mind by Stevie Wonder, the whole album is perfect plus it contains my favourite ever song, Happier Than the Morning Sun.

GH: What other plans do you have for the future of ARCS?

AC: Developing the RTW line and researching and extending our fabrications to make our products as modern and conscious as they can be.