Adish, translating to 'apathetic' in Hebrew, is an Israeli-Palestinian-owned brand designing contemporary wear that is made using traditional Palestinian craft. Founded through the partners association with the Parents Circle Families Forum, an initiative that brings together bereaved families of Palestinians and Israelis who have fallen victim to the ongoing violence to foster reconciliation and sustainable peace, Adish combined the origin of the brand and the Palestinian artisans who practice Tatreez (embroidery craft) to birth the brand that it is today.

Made locally in Occupied Palestine and Israel, the designs centre around traditional hand-made techniques, including Tatreez, and are produced in Ramallah, Dheisheh refugee camp, and Hebro, working with over sixty Palestinian craftswomen. Each garment is sewn with the location where it was embroidered and the name of the women’s embroidery group that produced the Tatreez for a personal touch. With close ties to the Lakiya Weaving workshop in the Naqab (Negev), Adish’s collections also feature embroidery, weaving, and tassels made by women from Bedouin communities in their traditional craft.