Needles - Track Pants

Founded in 1995, Needles, just one of the sub-brands housed under the infamous Nepenthes, filters elements of vintage Americana, military, and sportswear into vibrant and unique garments unlike any other. Making a name for themselves with their iconic Needles Rebuild - centered around the concept of clothes once mass produced and left without purpose and rebuilding them into brand new seasonal pieces - and the signature style of the H.D. Pant, the brand has gained a loyal following. Needles clothing includes a wide range of items such as Needles shirts, Needles track pants, Needles trousers, and Needles joggers, each embodying the brands distinctive aesthetic. From their Needles flannel to the luxurious comfort of a Needles mohair cardigan, every piece reflects their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. Discover the allure of Needles, where tradition meets avant-garde, and explore their latest offerings.







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