Originally established in 1953, Wemblex supplied teenagers with a range of Ivy League-inspired staples. A cache of their dead stock pieces were uncovered by creative visionary Malcolm Mclaren in 1974. With punk panache, the shirts were literally destroyed and rebuilt, creating new, bold pieces with distinctive, deconstructed details. The vintage finds became Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren’s infamous Seditionaries Anarchy Shirts, which were sold on the shelves of the iconic clothing boutique Sex, and subsequently worn by punk pioneers The Sex Pistols.

Resurrected in 2019 by creative renaissance man Barnzley, Wemblex returns to shake things up. The original style shirts are available in highly limited runs, featuring vintage patterns from the original 1970 releases. As a special collaboration, we’ve designed a custom stripe shirt with star print overlay, available in two colourways, black/white and blue/white.