Beatriz Palacios

With a unique slant on femininity, Spanish jewellery designer Beatriz Palacios merges the past and future, producing pieces for 'unconventional, sophisticated women'. Taking inspiration from classical references, music and art, Beatriz produces a delicate pieces, which includes charms, glass earrings, black onyx necklaces, and more... 


  • Bow Choker - Gold Vermeil 18K

    Beatriz PalaciosBow Choker - Gold Vermeil 18K$533.00S / M

  • Square Wire Choker - Gold Vermeil 18K

    Beatriz PalaciosSquare Wire Choker - Gold Vermeil 18K$286.00S / M

  • Onyx Ring 12mm - Black Onyx

    Beatriz PalaciosOnyx Ring 12mm - Black Onyx$214.5016.1mm/Small / 17mm/Medium / 18mm/Large

  • Sequin Charm - Metallic Pink

    Beatriz PalaciosSequin Charm - Metallic Pink$32.50One Size

  • Iridescent Sequin Charm - Iridescent

    Beatriz PalaciosIridescent Sequin Charm - Iridescent$32.50One Size