Nikki B

NYC / Chile

Originating in New York City, the Nikki-B collection is handmade in Chile, where designer Nikki Butler lived for the past 7 years.It is here that she created a small cottage industry where rural woman are the artisans who hand-craft each piece.They are employed by a company that seeks to enrich their lives with inspiring work and fair pay. It is here also, that Nikki opened her own retail stores in the capital city of Santiago, and was able to see first-hand how the line performed in a retail setting.

Nikki does not follow a specifiĀc theme for each collection, but rather seeks to transcend seasons and create a perfect and unique beaded bracelet or necklace. Colour is a driving force in the design process and with her innate sensibility and unique color aesthetic, she's not one to be missed.


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