Stalogy stands for stationery, standard and technology. Hailing from Japan, the brand looks to rethink the traditional notions underpinning these tools, looking to eliminate unnecessary ornamentation and function, and taking a new look at what’s really necessary in order to create the next generation of writing tools, notepads and accessories.


  • A4 Size Sheet Pad For Charts & Projects

    StalogyA4 Size Sheet Pad For Charts & Projects$21.93One Size

  • 4 Functions Pen - Black

    Stalogy4 Functions Pen - Black$25.80One Size

  • 4 Functions Pen - White

    Stalogy4 Functions Pen - White$25.80One Size

  • Vintage Notebook - Blue

    StalogyVintage Notebook - Blue$7.74One Size

  • Vintage Notebook - Red

    StalogyVintage Notebook - Red$7.74One Size

  • Editor's Memo Pad - Lined

    StalogyEditor's Memo Pad - Lined$11.61One Size

  • Editor's Memo Pad - Plain

    StalogyEditor's Memo Pad - Plain$11.61One Size