New York City

Areaware are New York based producers of all things acquainted, practical, curious and humorous. Areaware's main goal is to create thoughtful products that inspire an emotional response, which is exactly what they do thanks to the delicate thought behind each piece. Here at Goodhood we have everything from beautifully polished stackable crocodiles to coat hooks made from beached driftwood straight from the shores of Brooklyn.

Each piece from Areaware is guaranteed to brighten up your living environment, whether it be adding some character through a little wooden Alpaca with removable joints or bringing in some stylish functionality from the iPhone alarm dock stand.

  • Stacking Planter - Tall

    AreawareStacking Planter - Tall$109.65One Size

  • Stacking Planter - Short

    AreawareStacking Planter - Short$87.72One Size

  • Drink Rocks Whiskey Stones

    AreawareDrink Rocks Whiskey Stones$50.31One Size

  • Goober Candle El - Purple

    AreawareGoober Candle El - Purple$34.83One Size

  • Goober Candle Em - Green

    AreawareGoober Candle Em - Green$34.83One Size

  • Goober Candle Eph - Pink

    AreawareGoober Candle Eph - Pink$34.83One Size

  • Balancing Blocks - White

    AreawareBalancing Blocks - White$70.95One Size

  • Snake Block Small - Natural

    AreawareSnake Block Small - Natural$19.35One Size

  • Cubebot Micro - Yellow

    AreawareCubebot Micro - Yellow$14.19One Size

  • Cubebot Micro - Violet

    AreawareCubebot Micro - Violet$14.19One Size

  • Cubebot Micro - Blue

    AreawareCubebot Micro - Blue$14.19One Size

  • Micro Cubebot - White

    AreawareMicro Cubebot - White$14.19One Size

  • Micro Cubebot - Black

    AreawareMicro Cubebot - Black$14.19One Size

  • Cubebot Micro - Wood

    AreawareCubebot Micro - Wood$14.19One Size

  • Minim Playing Cards - Black

    AreawareMinim Playing Cards - Black$14.19One Size

  • Table Tiles Optic Coasters - White

    AreawareTable Tiles Optic Coasters - White$25.80One Size