Los Angeles, USA

Ashkahn is the studio of Ashkahn Shahparnia. Artist, designer, illustrator, all round bon vivant and more, Ashkahn has made waves through the graphic design world, working across a variety of music, advertising, and editorial brands, and has been featured in Interview Magazine, Paper Magazine, The New York Times, and Taschen.

His cards and stationery line, run out of downtown LA, blend witty, irreverent humour, a fun touch, and his trademark, modern style.

  • - Happy Snowman Card

    ASHKAHN- Happy Snowman Card$6.45One Size

  • - Candy Cane Card

    ASHKAHN- Candy Cane Card$6.45One Size

  • - Happy Holidays Card

    ASHKAHN- Happy Holidays Card$6.45One Size

  • - Congrats Thumbs Up Card

    ASHKAHN- Congrats Thumbs Up Card$6.45One Size

  • - Hello Card

    ASHKAHN- Hello Card$6.45One Size

  • - Thank You Peace Card

    ASHKAHN- Thank You Peace Card$6.45One Size

  • - Today Is Your Day Card

    ASHKAHN- Today Is Your Day Card$6.45One Size

  • - Forever & Ever Card

    ASHKAHN- Forever & Ever Card$6.45One Size

  • - Happy Birthday Happy Faces Card

    ASHKAHN- Happy Birthday Happy Faces Card$6.45One Size

  • - Happy Face Card

    ASHKAHN- Happy Face Card$6.45One Size

  • - Happy Flip Off Birthday Card

    ASHKAHN- Happy Flip Off Birthday Card$6.45One Size