Bag 'N' Noun

Tokyo, Japan.

Takeshi Ozawa founded Bag ‘N’ Noun in 2005. All Bag ‘N’ Noun bags are designed by Takeshi and are made in his small factory in Osaka. They are designed with craftsmanship and pride, taking influence from modern, minimal Japanese styles, and are unisex.

All products go through a stringent quality control procedure before being released. They are simple yet beautiful and users should have confidence they are buying a superior product.

  • Canada Tool Bag - Olive

    Bag 'N' NounCanada Tool Bag - Olive$199.95One Size

  • Canada Tool Bag - Beige

    Bag 'N' NounCanada Tool Bag - Beige$199.95One Size

  • Cordura Napsac - Black

    Bag 'N' NounCordura Napsac - Black$205.11One Size

  • Quality Canvas Tool Bag - Black

    Bag 'N' NounQuality Canvas Tool Bag - Black$221.88One Size

  • Duck Canvas Napsac - Gold

    Bag 'N' NounDuck Canvas Napsac - Gold$178.02One Size

  • Duck Canvas Tool Bag - Gold

    Bag 'N' NounDuck Canvas Tool Bag - Gold$178.02One Size

  • 11 Canvas Napsac - Mustard

    Bag 'N' Noun11 Canvas Napsac - Mustard$122.55One Size

  • 11 Canvas Tool Bag - Mustard

    Bag 'N' Noun11 Canvas Tool Bag - Mustard$108.36One Size

  • 11 Canvas Tool Bag - Sage

    Bag 'N' Noun11 Canvas Tool Bag - Sage$108.36One Size

  • Canvas Case 'C' - Navy

    Bag 'N' NounCanvas Case 'C' - Navy$46.44One Size

  • Canvas Case 'A' - White

    Bag 'N' NounCanvas Case 'A' - White$42.57One Size