Kronberg, Germany

Over the last six decades, design has become a core pillar of the Braun brand. The values of quality, functionality, clarity, longevity and timelessness have been integrated into an enduring design philosophy.

Braun users identify with these values; for them, Braun clocks, and Braun calculators are long-term companions. In an age of prosperity and saturation, the benefit of fewer, better products has become self-evident.

  • 30cm Large Wall Clock - White

    Braun30cm Large Wall Clock - White$58.0530cm

  • 30cm Large Wall Clock - Black

    Braun30cm Large Wall Clock - Black$58.0530cm

  • Calculator - White

    BraunCalculator - White$38.70One Size

  • Classic Travel Alarm Clock - Black

    BraunClassic Travel Alarm Clock - Black$28.38One Size