Charlotte Miller

Based in Kent, Charlotte Miller designs handmade ceramics with unique details. From delicate off-white glazing, to subtle raised details, Charlotte's distinctive homeware makes the perfect minimal statement.


  • Large Matte Line Planter

    Charlotte MillerLarge Matte Line Planter$84.50One Size

  • Medium Matte Line Planter

    Charlotte MillerMedium Matte Line Planter$52.00One Size

  • Small Matte Line Planter

    Charlotte MillerSmall Matte Line Planter$32.50One Size

  • Small Glazed Disc Planter

    Charlotte MillerSmall Glazed Disc Planter$32.50One Size

  • Medium Half Glazed Stoneware Planter

    Charlotte MillerMedium Half Glazed Stoneware Planter$45.50One Size

  • Small Half Glazed Stoneware Planter

    Charlotte MillerSmall Half Glazed Stoneware Planter$26.00One Size

  • Minature Bud Vase

    Charlotte MillerMinature Bud Vase$31.20One Size