Cotton & Flax

Cotton & Flax is a handmade home textiles line from designer Erin Dollar, with each piece in the collection cut, printed and sewn in California. Her striking patterns begin as ink drawings created using a brush and sumi ink which are then transferred to a silkscreen for printing.

The brand’s textiles are made using natural materials including linen and water-based inks. Everything is produced in small batches and many items are available in a limited quantity as Erin refreshes her palette seasonally.

  • Black Plus Tea Towel

    Cotton & FlaxBlack Plus Tea Towel$29.67One Size

  • Black Brushstroke Tea Towel

    Cotton & FlaxBlack Brushstroke Tea Towel$29.67One Size

  • Brushstroke Linen Pillow

    Cotton & FlaxBrushstroke Linen Pillow$105.78One Size

  • Hills + Valleys Linen Pillow

    Cotton & FlaxHills + Valleys Linen Pillow$105.78One Size