David Shrigley

Glasgow, UK

Born in England and now based in Glasgow, David Shrigley is most well known for his iconic doodle style drawings that often make satirically muse on everyday life situations and activities. 

While drawing is the most integral part of his practice, Shrigley works across a broad range of mediums including sculpture, large scale installation, animation and much more. 

  • Heroin And Cocaine Salt & Pepper Shakers

    David ShrigleyHeroin And Cocaine Salt & Pepper Shakers$61.92One Size

  • Fucking Ace Air Freshener

    David ShrigleyFucking Ace Air Freshener$5.81One Size

  • Be Nice Tea Towel - 50x67cm

    David ShrigleyBe Nice Tea Towel - 50x67cm$42.5750x67cm

  • Booze Hipflask - 6oz

    David ShrigleyBooze Hipflask - 6oz$33.546oz

  • Playing Cards

    David ShrigleyPlaying Cards$16.77One Size

  • Domino Set

    David ShrigleyDomino Set$58.05One Size

  • You Cannot Drink Too Much Tea Mug

    David ShrigleyYou Cannot Drink Too Much Tea Mug$23.2210cmx7.5cm

  • Sing Thy Song Puffy Sticker Card

    David ShrigleySing Thy Song Puffy Sticker Card$10.32One Size

  • My Life Is Good Puffy Sticker Card

    David ShrigleyMy Life Is Good Puffy Sticker Card$10.32One Size

  • Crocs With Cocks Puffy Sticker Card

    David ShrigleyCrocs With Cocks Puffy Sticker Card$10.32One Size

  • Everyone Likes Puffy Sticker Card

    David ShrigleyEveryone Likes Puffy Sticker Card$10.32One Size

  • Be Nice Puffy Sticker Card

    David ShrigleyBe Nice Puffy Sticker Card$10.32One Size

  • Bury Your Nuts Puffy Sticker Card

    David ShrigleyBury Your Nuts Puffy Sticker Card$10.32One Size