Doug Johnston

New York City

Collaborating with his wife out of his studio in Brooklyn, Doug Johnston creates a variety of sculptural yet functional objects that take inspiration from the many disciplines Johnston has studied, primarily architecture. Using coiled cotton rope that is stitched together in a spiral, Johnston creates 'Pencil Buckets', 'Coin Trays' and even large baskets that are unique storage solutions. 

There is a real personal touch to each of the pieces that are created by hand, whether it be the colouring of the rope or the choice of thread for the connecting zigzag stitch, its the imperfections that really make the work special. 

  • 100.1 Basket - Black/White

    Doug Johnston100.1 Basket - Black/White$114.81One Size

  • 100.1 Basket - Black/Beige /White

    Doug Johnston100.1 Basket - Black/Beige /White$109.65One Size

  • Little Barrel- Beige/White

    Doug JohnstonLittle Barrel- Beige/White$52.89One Size

  • Little Barrel - Grey/White

    Doug JohnstonLittle Barrel - Grey/White$52.89One Size

  • 50' Pill Shape - White/Black

    Doug Johnston50' Pill Shape - White/Black$73.53One Size

  • Coin Tray - Beige

    Doug JohnstonCoin Tray - Beige$36.12One Size

  • Coin Tray - Grey

    Doug JohnstonCoin Tray - Grey$36.12One Size

  • Coin Tray - Black

    Doug JohnstonCoin Tray - Black$36.12One Size

  • Large Pencil Bucket - Black/White

    Doug JohnstonLarge Pencil Bucket - Black/White$52.89One Size

  • Large Pencil Bucket - Grey/White

    Doug JohnstonLarge Pencil Bucket - Grey/White$52.89One Size

  • Large Pencil Bucket - Beige/White

    Doug JohnstonLarge Pencil Bucket - Beige/White$52.89One Size

  • Pencil Bucket - Black

    Doug JohnstonPencil Bucket - Black$36.12One Size

  • Pencil Bucket - Beige

    Doug JohnstonPencil Bucket - Beige$36.12One Size

  • Pencil Bucket - Grey

    Doug JohnstonPencil Bucket - Grey$36.12One Size