Fredericks & Mae

New York, USA

Fredericks & Mae is the art and design team of Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen, based out of New York. Born out of a shared loved for materials in 2007, their collaborative practice has developed into a whole series of objects for the home and garden.

The duo describes the project as a material anthropology of objects with confused origins. The idea is that tools, games and rituals trace arcs through history and across the earth and that, in their eyes, we follow these arcs, “nose to the ground and mouths agape”.

  • Dominoes - Moon

    Fredericks & MaeDominoes - Moon$46.80One Size

  • Incense - Sage

    Fredericks & MaeIncense - Sage$19.50One Size

  • Playing Cards

    Fredericks & MaePlaying Cards$13.00One Size

  • Marble Pipe - Black

    Fredericks & MaeMarble Pipe - Black$130.00$65.00One Size

  • Horsehair Tassel Keychain - Grey

    Fredericks & MaeHorsehair Tassel Keychain - Grey$57.20$23.40One Size

  • Horsehair Tassel Keychain - White/Grey

    Fredericks & MaeHorsehair Tassel Keychain - White/Grey$57.20$23.40One Size

  • Horsehair Tassel Keychain - Black

    Fredericks & MaeHorsehair Tassel Keychain - Black$57.20$23.40One Size