Grown Alchemist


Grown Alchemist is a new generation of organic skincare formulations comprising of natural technologies that have revolutionised the traditional approach to anti-aging skincare, body and hair care. It is now not only preferable, but finally possible, to achieve real beauty results without harmful chemicals. Collagen and Elastin boosting actives, advanced Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Cell-Communicating actives and powerful Antioxidants are the transformative ingredients in Grown Alchemist skincare formulations

While it might read like a page in a chemistry book, their certified organic botanical ingredients and powerful natural actives provide better results without harmful artificial chemicals. The reason Grown Alchemist products work so well is a matter of biology. The body recognises the synergistic molecular structure of their uniquely natural formulae and utilises rather than rejects it. Grown Alchemist proudly boasts a team of cosmetic chemists based in London, Paris and Australia, all relentlessly in the pursuit of perfect formulas that demonstrate efficacy powerful enough to evolve your beauty by improving your skin texture and appearance.

  • Body Cleanser: Chamomile, Bergamot & Rosewood

    Grown AlchemistBody Cleanser: Chamomile, Bergamot & Rosewood$40.30500ml

  • Conditioner: Damask Rose, Chamomile & Lavender

    Grown AlchemistConditioner: Damask Rose, Chamomile & Lavender$32.50500ml

  • Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blos

    Grown AlchemistHydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blos$50.70100ml

  • Intensive Hand Cream: Persian Rose & Argan Extra

    Grown AlchemistIntensive Hand Cream: Persian Rose & Argan Extra$24.7065ml

  • Polishing Facial Exfoliant

    Grown AlchemistPolishing Facial Exfoliant$55.9075ml

  • Lip Balm: Vanilla & Watermelon - 12ml

    Grown AlchemistLip Balm: Vanilla & Watermelon - 12ml$18.2012ml