Hender Scheme

Tokyo, Japan

Hender Scheme are based in Tokyo, Japan and are one of the most forward thinking footwear labels (although they produce a broad range of goods besides), re-defining cultural classics through sheer beauty and craftmanship. Designer Ryo Kashiwazaki is interested in the blurring of traditional gender roles and with the blend of old and new. 

Hender Scheme's gained the most attention with their re-appropriated footwear collection; classic silhouettes are rebuilt from scratch and by hand in a beautiful natural leather, allowing the shoes to take on their own unique patina and appearance as they are continually worn. 

  • Pocket M Wallet - Beige

    Hender SchemePocket M Wallet - Beige$132.60$66.30One Size

  • Pocket M Wallet - Black

    Hender SchemePocket M Wallet - Black$132.60$66.30One Size

  • Pocket M Wallet - Beige

    Hender SchemePocket M Wallet - Beige$132.60$66.30One Size

  • Car Coin Bank - Natural

    Hender SchemeCar Coin Bank - Natural$110.50$78.00One Size

  • Car Coin Bank - Charcoal

    Hender SchemeCar Coin Bank - Charcoal$110.50$78.00One Size

  • Car Coin Bank - Red

    Hender SchemeCar Coin Bank - Red$110.50$78.00One Size

  • Car Coin Bank - White

    Hender SchemeCar Coin Bank - White$110.50$78.00One Size

  • Home Coin Bank - Black

    Hender SchemeHome Coin Bank - Black$110.50One Size

  • Home Coin Bank - Brown

    Hender SchemeHome Coin Bank - Brown$110.50One Size

  • Home Coin Bank - Dark Tan

    Hender SchemeHome Coin Bank - Dark Tan$110.50One Size

  • 300g Candle - Smoky Leather

    Hender Scheme300g Candle - Smoky Leather$130.00One Size

  • 180g Candle - Smoky Leather

    Hender Scheme180g Candle - Smoky Leather$91.00One Size

  • Bowl - Natural

    Hender SchemeBowl - Natural$91.00One Size

  • Neck Strap - Black

    Hender SchemeNeck Strap - Black$117.00One Size

  • Neck Strap - Natural

    Hender SchemeNeck Strap - Natural$152.10One Size

  • Karabiner - Black

    Hender SchemeKarabiner - Black$84.50One Size

  • Karabiner - Natural

    Hender SchemeKarabiner - Natural$84.50One Size