Iittala are a well-known Finnish design company who specialise in goods for the home that are made to embellish people’s everyday lives. Iittala firmly believe that objects should be distinctive, combinable and multi-functional with a lasting design that allows for individual use and expression and they have achieved this with their ongoing collection of characteristic homewares.

Iittala’s products reflect modern Scandinavian design, all of which are perfect for enriching your daily home life from chunky colourful glass tealight holders, beautiful glass storage solutions to house everything from jewelry to coffee and sugar, and serving sets for all your favourite snacks. 

  • Kartio Tumbler 21cl  2pc - Clear

    IittalaKartio Tumbler 21cl 2pc - Clear$15.48$10.3221cl

  • Kartio Tumbler 40cl  2pc - Clear

    IittalaKartio Tumbler 40cl 2pc - Clear$20.64$14.1940cl

  • Kartio Tumbler 21cl 2pc - Sand

    IittalaKartio Tumbler 21cl 2pc - Sand$15.48$10.3221cl

  • Kartio Tumbler 40cl 2pc - Sand

    IittalaKartio Tumbler 40cl 2pc - Sand$23.22$16.7740cl

  • Kastehelmi Tumbler 30cl 2pc - Grey

    IittalaKastehelmi Tumbler 30cl 2pc - Grey$29.67$20.6430cl

  • Kastehelmi Tumbler 30cl 2pc - Desert

    IittalaKastehelmi Tumbler 30cl 2pc - Desert$29.67$20.6430cl

  • Lempi Glasses 34cl - Set of Two

    IittalaLempi Glasses 34cl - Set of Two$28.3834cl

  • Vitrini 60x60 - Clear/Oak

    IittalaVitrini 60x60 - Clear/Oak$45.15$32.2560x60

  • Kivi Bulk 60mm - Sand

    IittalaKivi Bulk 60mm - Sand$19.35$14.1960mm

  • Kivi Bulk 60mm - Clear

    IittalaKivi Bulk 60mm - Clear$19.35$14.1960mm

  • Kastelhelmi Votive 64mm - Grey

    IittalaKastelhelmi Votive 64mm - Grey$16.77$11.6164mm

  • Kastelhelmi Votive 64mm - Clear

    IittalaKastelhelmi Votive 64mm - Clear$16.77$11.6164mm

  • Kastelhelmi Votive 64mm - Sand

    IittalaKastelhelmi Votive 64mm - Sand$16.77$11.6164mm

  • Vitrini 108x108 - Clear/Oak

    IittalaVitrini 108x108 - Clear/Oak$70.95$50.31108x108

  • Vitrini 108x108 - Grey

    IittalaVitrini 108x108 - Grey$60.63$42.57108x108

  • Vitrini 60x60 - Clear

    IittalaVitrini 60x60 - Clear$32.25$23.2260x60