Ilia, an innovative line dedicated to producing natural and organic beauty products that combine superior colour with nourishing essential oils, was founded in Canada by Sasha Plavsic. The combination of intense natural dye pigments, super nourishing essential oils and 85% organic active ingredients, set this label apart. 

Dedicated to creating sustainably sourced, bioactive botanics that rejuvenate the skin, their covetable range of carefully blended colours are nutrient-rich and uniquely packaged.


  • Lipstick - Neon Angel (Magenta)

    ILIALipstick - Neon Angel (Magenta)$28.38$19.350.14oz

  • Lipstick - Humble Me (Nude)

    ILIALipstick - Humble Me (Nude)$28.38$19.350.14oz

  • Tinted Lip Conditioner - Dizzy (Orange)

    ILIATinted Lip Conditioner - Dizzy (Orange)$28.38$19.350.14oz

  • Lip Exfoliator - Balmy Nights

    ILIALip Exfoliator - Balmy Nights$28.38$19.350.14oz

  • Lipstick Crayon - Karma Chameleon (Red Coral)

    ILIALipstick Crayon - Karma Chameleon (Red Coral)$25.80$18.060.08z

  • Lipstick Crayon - Call Me (Pink)

    ILIALipstick Crayon - Call Me (Pink)$25.80$18.060.08z

  • Lipstick Crayon - Come Undone (Nude)

    ILIALipstick Crayon - Come Undone (Nude)$25.80$18.060.08z

  • Lip Conditioner -Viola

    ILIALip Conditioner -Viola$28.38$19.350.14oz

  • Lipstick Crayon - Iko Iko (Bronze)

    ILIALipstick Crayon - Iko Iko (Bronze)$25.80$18.060.08z