Iris Hantverk

Enskede, Sweden

Iris Hantverk tell a unique brand story. Based in Enskede, Sweden, the core of the business is the brush binding. They employ visually impaired craftsmen to produce brushes according to an old Swedisn tradition. 

Iris Hantverk's brushes are sold throughout the world and are made to an exclusive design with primarily natural materials. 

  • Mirror

    Iris HantverkMirror$55.47One Size

  • Towel - Natural 45x50cm

    Iris HantverkTowel - Natural 45x50cm$21.9345x50cm

  • Kettle Holder - White

    Iris HantverkKettle Holder - White$27.09One Size

  • Kettle Holder - Black / White

    Iris HantverkKettle Holder - Black / White$27.09One Size

  • Household Cloth - Off-White

    Iris HantverkHousehold Cloth - Off-White$10.32One Size

  • Household Cloth - Printed

    Iris HantverkHousehold Cloth - Printed$3.87One Size

  • Kitchen Sponge - Black Print

    Iris HantverkKitchen Sponge - Black Print$1.29One Size

  • Scouring Pad

    Iris HantverkScouring Pad$1.29One Size