Klippan are a Swedish based family ran business and hold a collection from some of the best textile designers in Sweden. Klippan produce all their blankets and throws in their own factory in order to maintain the quality consistency, using and often combining merino and lambswool.

This means a production of the best possible blankets of the highest quality. Klippan blankets are super soft and are perfect for draping over the bed or sofa.

  • Waffle Blanket 150x240cm - White

    KlippanWaffle Blanket 150x240cm - White$109.65$55.47150x240

  • Waffle Blanket 150x240cm - Linen Grey

    KlippanWaffle Blanket 150x240cm - Linen Grey$109.65150x240

  • Plus Throw 130x200cm - Black

    KlippanPlus Throw 130x200cm - Black$100.62130x200

  • Twist Throw 130x200cm - Light Grey

    KlippanTwist Throw 130x200cm - Light Grey$100.62130x200

  • Samba Throw 130x200cm - Black

    KlippanSamba Throw 130x200cm - Black$100.62130x200