Kreafunk is a Danish lifestyle brand with a simple philosophy: 'Life shouldn’t be an eternal strive for perfection'. Ironically, the brand creates a unique selection of practically perfect Bluetooth speakers and DAB+ radios, packed with premium features. With exceptional sound, their stylish products are essential ways to elevate your aural experience. 

  • tRADIO DAB+ Radio - Cool Grey

    KreafunktRADIO DAB+ Radio - Cool Grey$154.70One Size

  • tRADIO DAB+ Radio - Black

    KreafunktRADIO DAB+ Radio - Black$154.70One Size

  • aGO Bluetooth Speaker - Cool Grey/Rose Gold

    KreafunkaGO Bluetooth Speaker - Cool Grey/Rose Gold$45.50One Size

  • aGO Bluetooth Speaker - Black Edition/Gun Metal

    KreafunkaGO Bluetooth Speaker - Black Edition/Gun Metal$45.50One Size

  • aGO Bluetooth Speaker - White/Rose Gold

    KreafunkaGO Bluetooth Speaker - White/Rose Gold$45.50One Size