Kristina Dam

Kristina Dam’s training as an architect at the Royal Danish School of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design, is evident in the many architectural elements comprising her illustrations and sculptures. Her understanding of materials and textures is second to none whilst her portfolio consists of beautifully crafted

dimensional art objects, mobiles, tables and uniquely embossed illustrations. Kristina Dam Studio is established with a ‘mission of visualising the dialectical relation between interior, art and graphic design.’ 

  • Half Moon Mirror - Marble Base

    Kristina DamHalf Moon Mirror - Marble Base$92.88One Size

  • Half Moon Mirror - Oak Base

    Kristina DamHalf Moon Mirror - Oak Base$68.37One Size

  • Dome Vase Medium

    Kristina DamDome Vase Medium$92.88$64.50M

  • Dome Vase Small

    Kristina DamDome Vase Small$74.82$52.89S

  • Dome Vase Extra Small

    Kristina DamDome Vase Extra Small$61.92$43.86Extra Small

  • The Book Keeper - White

    Kristina DamThe Book Keeper - White$167.70One Size