New York, USA

Launched in 2004 Malin & Goetz, have created an ever-expanding range of regimens for men & women's face, body and hair. They also produce a range of premium home fragrance, with candles handmade locally in Brooklyn, New York.

Their candles are available in a variety of scents ranging from vetiver to cannabis to mojito and are made from natural wax and high-quality perfumes for a slow, clean burn. You can also find their skincare range here.

  • Scented Candle 260g - Dark Rum

    Malin+GoetzScented Candle 260g - Dark Rum$52.00260g

  • Scented Votive Candle 67g - Dark Rum

    Malin+GoetzScented Votive Candle 67g - Dark Rum$20.8067g

  • Scented Candle 260g - Mojito

    Malin+GoetzScented Candle 260g - Mojito$52.00260g

  • Scented Votive Candle 67g - Mojito

    Malin+GoetzScented Votive Candle 67g - Mojito$20.8067g

  • Scented Candle 260g - Cannabis

    Malin+GoetzScented Candle 260g - Cannabis$52.00260g

  • Scented Candle 260g - Tobacco

    Malin+GoetzScented Candle 260g - Tobacco$52.00260g

  • Scented Votive Candle 67g - Tobacco

    Malin+GoetzScented Votive Candle 67g - Tobacco$20.8067g

  • Scented Votive Candle 67g - Vetiver

    Malin+GoetzScented Votive Candle 67g - Vetiver$20.8067g

  • Scented Candle 260g - Neroli

    Malin+GoetzScented Candle 260g - Neroli$52.00260g

  • Scented Votive Candle 67g - Neroli

    Malin+GoetzScented Votive Candle 67g - Neroli$20.8067g

  • Scented Candle 260g - Otto

    Malin+GoetzScented Candle 260g - Otto$52.00260g

  • Scented Votive Candle 67g - Otto

    Malin+GoetzScented Votive Candle 67g - Otto$20.8067g