The Goodhood Life Store is pleased to welcome Marvis Toothpaste to the ranks. Expertly blending classic design with modern formulation and extraordinary appeal, Marvis instantly transforms the simple daily gesture of brushing your teeth into a moment of pure pleasure.

Choose from classic Mints, aromatic Cinnamon, spicy Ginger or bittersweet Liquorice and transform you or your loved ones daily dental routine forever. Pair up with a beachwood toothbrush from Hay for the full effect.

  • Toothpaste Flavour Collection (7 x 25ml)

    MarvisToothpaste Flavour Collection (7 x 25ml)$24.70One Size

  • Toothpaste - Black Forest 75ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Black Forest 75ml$9.1075ml

  • Toothpaste - Orange Blossom Bloom 75ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Orange Blossom Bloom 75ml$9.1075ml

  • Toothpaste - Sweet & Sour Rhubarb 75ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Sweet & Sour Rhubarb 75ml$9.1075ml

  • Toothpaste - Karakum 75ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Karakum 75ml$11.0575ml

  • Toothpaste - Royal 75ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Royal 75ml$11.0575ml

  • Toothpaste - Aquatic Mint 85ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Aquatic Mint 85ml$9.10One Size

  • Toothpaste - Whitening Mint 85ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Whitening Mint 85ml$11.05One Size

  • Toothpaste - Liquorice Mint 85ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Liquorice Mint 85ml$9.10One SIze

  • Toothpaste - Jasmine Mint 85ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Jasmine Mint 85ml$9.10One Size

  • Toothpaste - Ginger Mint 85ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Ginger Mint 85ml$9.10One Size

  • Toothpaste - Classic Strong Mint 85ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Classic Strong Mint 85ml$9.10One Size

  • Toothpaste - Cinnamon Mint 85ml

    MarvisToothpaste - Cinnamon Mint 85ml$9.10One Size