Mette Duedahl


Mette Duedahl is a Danish ceramics designer who graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design on the island of Bornholm in 2011. Mette Duedahl originally trained as a photographer but felt an element was lacking for her to convey aesthetics in the way she wanted. On why she decided to move towards ceramics, Mette remarked: 

“My purpose is to empower aesthetics and balance with a clear tribute to functionality.” Inspired by everyday needs, she works to develop simple, timeless, and durable products with clear references to the colours and surfaces seen in nature.

  • LAND Vase Tall - Eggshell

    Mette DuedahlLAND Vase Tall - Eggshell$107.07$42.5712.5cm

  • LAND Vase Low - Eggshell

    Mette DuedahlLAND Vase Low - Eggshell$76.11$30.9610.5cm

  • LAND Bowl - Eggshell

    Mette DuedahlLAND Bowl - Eggshell$34.83$14.197.2cm

  • LAND Plate - Eggshell

    Mette DuedahlLAND Plate - Eggshell$38.70$15.4825cm