Copenhagen, Denmark

Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective. Muuto handpicks the best design talent in Scandinavia and gives them the freedom to express their individual story through everyday objects suited for lifestyle and home, all of which are objects that truly represent the best of Scandinavian design today.

Muuto creations are enjoyed across the world by all, and Goodhood takes stock of an excellent range of Muuto products suited for home life from iconic wooden joint lighting to storage solutions made from recycled PET bottles, perfect for housing and displaying all of your favourite magazines.

  • Restore Tray - Black

    MuutoRestore Tray - Black$70.95One Size

  • Folded Shelf Medium - Grey

    MuutoFolded Shelf Medium - Grey$127.7163x16.5cm

  • Folded Shelf Medium - Black

    MuutoFolded Shelf Medium - Black$127.7163x16.5cm

  • Restore Tray - Grey

    MuutoRestore Tray - Grey$70.95One Size

  • Corky Low Glasses - Clear

    MuutoCorky Low Glasses - Clear$43.86Low

  • Corky Carafe - Clear

    MuutoCorky Carafe - Clear$56.76One Size

  • Corky High Glasses - Grey

    MuutoCorky High Glasses - Grey$56.76High

  • Corky Low Glasses - Grey

    MuutoCorky Low Glasses - Grey$43.86Low

  • Corky High Glasses - Clear

    MuutoCorky High Glasses - Clear$56.76High

  • Restore - Black

    MuutoRestore - Black$89.01One Size

  • Restore - Grey

    MuutoRestore - Grey$89.01One Size

  • Restore - Black Melange

    MuutoRestore - Black Melange$89.01One Size

  • Folded Shelf Large - Black

    MuutoFolded Shelf Large - Black$179.3196x13cm

  • Folded Shelf Small - Black

    MuutoFolded Shelf Small - Black$109.6551x22cm

  • Folded Shelf Large - Grey

    MuutoFolded Shelf Large - Grey$179.3196x13cm

  • Folded Shelf Large - Olive

    MuutoFolded Shelf Large - Olive$179.3196x13cm

  • Folded Shelf Medium - Olive

    MuutoFolded Shelf Medium - Olive$127.7163x16.5cm

  • Folded Shelf Small - Olive

    MuutoFolded Shelf Small - Olive$109.6551x22cm