Nanoblock is the original micro-sized building block. Designed for the construction set fan seeking a greater challenge, more sophistication detail compared to any other system, Nanoblock allows you to create 3D works of art with amazing realism and authenticity.

With bricks as small as 4 mm x 4 mm x 5 mm, manufactured to the highest tolerances, the system lets you build ornate, detailed sculptures that fit in the palm of your hand.

  • Hokkaido Dog

    NanoblockHokkaido Dog$14.19One Size

  • Donut & Coffee

    NanoblockDonut & Coffee$15.48One Size

  • Pizza

    NanoblockPizza$15.48One Size

  • Hamster

    NanoblockHamster$14.19One Size

  • Dinonix

    NanoblockDinonix$14.19One Size

  • Lion

    NanoblockLion$14.19One Size

  • Giraffe

    NanoblockGiraffe$14.19One Size

  • Bald Eagle

    NanoblockBald Eagle$14.19One Size

  • Stegosaurus

    NanoblockStegosaurus$14.19One Size

  • Acoustic Guitar

    NanoblockAcoustic Guitar$14.19One Size