Normann Copenhagen

Challenging conventional design rules, Danish brand Normann Copenhagen subverts traditional materials’ functions and uses them to create untraditional objects. With vases made out of silicon and a dog made of plastic, Normann Copenhagen is certainly synonymous with innovation and original design.

With soft minimalism as the philosophy behind the international design company, we are happy to take stock of their beautifully finished products.

  • One Piece Organizer - White

    Normann CopenhagenOne Piece Organizer - White$78.00$39.00One Size

  • Day Wall Clock - Black

    Normann CopenhagenDay Wall Clock - Black$110.50One Size

  • Day Wall Clock - Light Grey

    Normann CopenhagenDay Wall Clock - Light Grey$110.50One Size

  • Pebble Board - Large

    Normann CopenhagenPebble Board - Large$71.50L

  • Pebble Cheese Knife - Black

    Normann CopenhagenPebble Cheese Knife - Black$19.50One Size

  • Flip Mirror - Black

    Normann CopenhagenFlip Mirror - Black$110.50$78.00One Size

  • Craft Pepper Mill Small - Oak

    Normann CopenhagenCraft Pepper Mill Small - Oak$71.50One Size

  • Craft Salt Mill Small - Oak

    Normann CopenhagenCraft Salt Mill Small - Oak$71.50One Size