Northern Lighting


Founded in Oslo in 2005, the Norwegian brand Northern Lighting has transformed lighting into a variety of poetic experiences. The collection is made up of eclectic lighting, all of which reflects the Scandinavian culture in one way or another. We take stock of the award-winning Buddy Lamp available in dark grey, white and light green. A student at the Royal Danish Academy of 

Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Sætter-Lassen describes Buddy as ‘the little helper everyone needs’. This unassuming desk lamp is just that, a multi-functional design that gives busy individuals a base to come back to. Equipped with a holder to contain pens, pencils, keys or loose change, Buddy lends a hand when you need help keeping track of essentials.

  • Buddy Desk Lamp - Light Green

    Northern LightingBuddy Desk Lamp - Light Green$230.91One Size

  • Buddy Desk Lamp - White

    Northern LightingBuddy Desk Lamp - White$230.91One Size