Opto Design

Opto Design hails from Sweden and started in 2008 with a vision to develop and market high-quality design products with images and designs from famous illustrations and strong brands. Their Moomin design products, based on illustrations from Tove Jansson’s seminal

series, have been built upon with a number of other collections, including a Beatles collection and a collaboration with Lisa Larson, the famous Swedish ceramic designer.

  • Moomin Fabric Makeup Case - Black

    Opto DesignMoomin Fabric Makeup Case - Black$20.6412x17cm

  • Moomin Siluette Black Dish Cloth

    Opto DesignMoomin Siluette Black Dish Cloth$3.87One Size

  • Running Moomin Round Tray - 31cm

    Opto DesignRunning Moomin Round Tray - 31cm$32.2531cm