Danish found, award-winning RIG-TIG is a modern brand of kitchenware that brings both function and design to your home. Their basic philosophy is functionality and RIG-TIG do not compromise on the design.

  • Box-It Butterbox - White

    RIG-TIGBox-It Butterbox - White$36.12One Size

  • Box-It Butterbox - Grey

    RIG-TIGBox-It Butterbox - Grey$36.12One Size

  • Box-It Bread Box - Grey

    RIG-TIGBox-It Bread Box - Grey$70.95One Size

  • Box-It Bread Box - White

    RIG-TIGBox-It Bread Box - White$70.95One Size

  • Measuring Cup - 1L

    RIG-TIGMeasuring Cup - 1L$16.771L

  • Easy Ratatouille Spoon - Oak

    RIG-TIGEasy Ratatouille Spoon - Oak$16.77One Size

  • Easy Scramble Spatula - Oak

    RIG-TIGEasy Scramble Spatula - Oak$11.61One Size