SM Ceramics

Sam Marks is a British maker based in East London, specialising in wheel-thrown ceramics. With a degree in product design, his pieces have a strong focus on function and form which shows through in the overall aesthetic.

His work is heavily influenced by nature and the environment, in particular, the British coastline. Using a mixture of clays with minimal glaze to highlight their natural qualities, Sam hand-throws and finishes each piece.

  • Pebble Vase - Style 2

    SM CeramicsPebble Vase - Style 2$227.50$136.50One Size

  • Pebble Vase - Style 1

    SM CeramicsPebble Vase - Style 1$227.50$136.50One Size

  • Pebble Planter

    SM CeramicsPebble Planter$136.50$81.90One Size