London, U.K

Tala is a young British lighting brand with a mission to create exquisite products that have a positive impact on the world. Originating from the African concept of conservation through beauty, the designs combine classic decorative qualities, industrial influences and pioneering 

LED technology. Tala was founded by four partners at The University of Edinburgh with a shared passion for technology, sustainability and design. The company is based in London Fields, East London.

  • Brass Pendant

    TalaBrass Pendant$70.95One Size

  • Walnut Touch Lamp

    TalaWalnut Touch Lamp$154.80One Size

  • Oak Touch Lamp

    TalaOak Touch Lamp$154.80One Size

  • Minerva 6 Watt Tinted LED Lightbulb

    TalaMinerva 6 Watt Tinted LED Lightbulb$50.316 Watt

  • Squirrel Cage 3 Watt Tinted LED Lightbulb

    TalaSquirrel Cage 3 Watt Tinted LED Lightbulb$32.253 Watt

  • Elva 6 Watt LED Lightbulb

    TalaElva 6 Watt LED Lightbulb$37.416 Watt

  • Elva 3 Watt Tinted LED Lightbulb

    TalaElva 3 Watt Tinted LED Lightbulb$37.413 Watt

  • Globe 6 Watt LED Lightbulb

    TalaGlobe 6 Watt LED Lightbulb$19.356 Watt