Founded in 2018 by Andrea Hill, the creative brand strategist behind Paloma Powers and CultureTM, Tortuga's furniture is 'designed to grow with you'. Melding time-honoured craftsmanship with an innovative process, their quality, nature-inspired homeware is built to last.


  • Living Sahara Large Bookend - Cactus

    TortugaLiving Sahara Large Bookend - Cactus$42.90One Size

  • Living Sahara Small Bookend - Wildflower

    TortugaLiving Sahara Small Bookend - Wildflower$37.70One Size

  • Living Laguna Large Bookend - Tide

    TortugaLiving Laguna Large Bookend - Tide$42.90One Size

  • Living Laguna Medium Bookend - Coral

    TortugaLiving Laguna Medium Bookend - Coral$40.30One Size