Woud are a Danish brand whose purpose is to share a love for honest design. The label was founded in 2014 by Mia and Torben Koed, who’d spent 30 years working in production and sales of private label furniture before deciding to go it alone and start their own brand rooted in Nordic design tradition. Each of their designs is handpicked to ensure it shares and strengthens their vision of creating timeless design where the product has a meaning, a purpose, and a function.

They also collaborate with established designers and upcoming talent from around the world, combining individual expression with a coherent modern interpretation of Scandinavian design heritage.

  • Hinken Flowerpot H8.5

    WoudHinken Flowerpot H8.5$76.11$45.158.5cm

  • Hinken Mini Flowerpot H5

    WoudHinken Mini Flowerpot H5$37.41$21.935cm

  • Hinken Flowerpot H13.5

    WoudHinken Flowerpot H13.5$63.21$37.4113.5cm

  • Hinken Mini Flowerpot H9.5

    WoudHinken Mini Flowerpot H9.5$37.41$25.809.5cm

  • Hinken Flowerpot H11.5

    WoudHinken Flowerpot H11.5$76.11$45.1511.5cm

  • Hinken Mini Flowerpot H6

    WoudHinken Mini Flowerpot H6$24.51$14.196cm