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02 Dec 2016






The ceramics selection is one of the key components of the Life Store, and is continually changing and evolving thanks to the hand-made nature of specialist brands like Studio Arhoj, Weak End Club and Heidi Anderson. Add to that, clean Scandinavian minimalist heavyweights such as Ferm Living and Normann Copenhagen and the edit is complete. 



Left To Right: Studio Arhoj Slurp Cup £24 | Heidi Anderson Medium Pot £102 | BKB Ceramics Modern Planter £57 | The Commons Large Cup £43 | Heidi Anderson Extra Small Pot £44 | Heidi Anderson Wooden Base Pot £172 | IIIVVVYYY Open Palm Incense Holder £35 | IIIVVVYYY Open Palm Plate £35 |Studio Arhoj Lava People £41 | Weak End Club Buff Pot £43 | Wingnut & Co. Donguri Pot £36



weak end club


Weak End Club

Weak End Club is a Sydney based cross disciplinary design practice. They produce glazed functional ceramic objects such as planters, bowls, plates, vases, vessels and trays to sit with you in your studio space or at home.  Each Weak End Club product is entirely handmade and finished, making them totally unique and one of a kind. 

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    The Commons 

    The Commons is the brainchild of Erin Connelly and Kerry Clark Speake. Growing disinterested with the idea of mass overseas manufacturing, they set out to create a destination to find American made goods for the home with a modern sensibility and have developed a collection of hand crafted goods on a small scale utilising local communities. They believe that surrounding yourself and filling your home with beautiful, useful goods made by designers with a passion for hand production will enhance your quality of life. We agree..

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    the commons pot








      Left To Right: Normann Agnes Vase H12 £21 | Broste Camilla Vase £23 | Studio Arhoj Pen Pot £34 | Ferm Living Ceometry Vase £28 | Kinto Couture Flower Vase £21 | Studio Arhoj Ghost £17 | Ferm Living Pot Small £32 | Judy Jackson Stoneware Small Bottle £44 |Normann Agnes Vase H6 £12 | Studio Arhoj Sing £34



      Norman copenhagen pot


      Normann Copenhagen


      Normann Copenhagen subverts traditional materials’ functions and are synonymous with innovation and original design.The Agnes vase series features totally unique hand painted brush strokers, meaning no two are ever the same. 

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        Ferm Living

        Ferm Living draws on the Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm - but with a distinctive graphic edge that makes every items firmly contemporary. Their bold 'geometry' porcelain vase series is a prime example of how the brand blends minimal design with strong, graphic lines. 

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        ferm living vase




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